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Meet two people who have collaborated with EG

  • Uffe Røyen
  • Martin Ulsøe-Hansen

Yammer was still a new and untested knowledge sharing platform to EG, and consequently, the company was an obvious choice of collaborator for my master's thesis about knowledge sharing. At the same time, it is a workplace that takes the technological lead in methods of knowledge sharing. Uffe Røyen, Consultant, SAP DK


Why did you choose to write your master's thesis in collaboration with EG?

I started at EG as a student assistant while I was studying IT, Communication & Organization at Aarhus University, and as a result I had a good idea of the changes going on in different areas of the organisation. EG had recently launched the knowledge sharing platform called Yammer, which works like Facebook, however for use internally in the company, only. I thought the idea of an internal knowledge sharing platform was exciting – especially because EG has locations all across Scandinavia. Consequently, I wanted to dive deeper into how it could become easier for our employees to share knowledge across national borders and inside the company walls. 


How did EG contribute to the collaboration?

EG made sure that I had the information necessary to answer the thesis statement. HR helped me find the right people to interview – i.e. the people behind the Yammer project initiative and the employees who used the platform every day. All in all, I think EG was very helpful.


Has your thesis collaboration led to other opportunities?

The fact that I already knew of the processes and knew some of the employees at EG has for sure helped me in terms of getting a place on the Graduate team. I could quickly take part in most of the talks on what was going on at EG, which is something that all employers like, so of course I had an advantage when I applied for the Graduate programme in 2016.


If you were to recommend others to write their master's thesis in collaboration with EG, what would be your most important message?

You must approach EG with a clear idea about what you want to look into and how you want to do it. You can also make an educated guess at how the issue affects EG and why it could be of interest to the company to establish a collaboration with you. If you manage to do this, then I am sure that EG will help you achieve your goals. 

Uffe Røyen

My education has given me methods and theories for understanding IT-based collaboration and organisational analysis. Through this knowledge, I have actually been able to contribute to my team by providing new approaches and ideas for understanding global software development. It has been great to make use of my academic knowledge in a practical project where challenges and solutions are dynamic. Martin Ulsøe-Hansen, Intern, EG Silkeborg Data


Why did you choose to collaborate with EG on your assignment?

I had the opportunity to become part of a major technological change project at EG Silkeborg Data, and this is why I applied for the position as an intern in the project management team. I thought the idea of being part of such a large and important project sounded incredibly exciting. As part of my educational programme at Aarhus University, where I study in information studies (MSc in information technology), I am writing an assignment during my internship. The assignment focuses on the global collaboration in the development work between developers on-site and off-site.


How was your collaboration with EG?

EG has been very flexible as I only had to work four days a week – the last day was spent on working on my assignment. I have also had the opportunity to impact my own internship and look at other subject areas that interested me – for example, I have looked into user experience. It has been an exciting internship with focus on learning and development.


How did EG Silkeborg Data contribute to your assignment?

EG Silkeborg Data and the people working on the project have helped me find the data that I needed for my assignment; e.g. getting four interviews arranged. My closest mentor was very helpful and, based on the focus of my assignment, he also offered me to follow the outsourcing part of the project and attend meetings that could help me illustrate my problem definition in a better way.


What opportunities has the collaboration given you?

I have now been given the opportunity to collaborate with EG Silkeborg Data again – this time on my master's thesis. I will be writing about innovation processes in a development project at EG Silkeborg Data, focusing on user involvement in the development phase of the system, and about the ongoing implementation of the system with the first customer.

Martin Ulsøe-Hansen