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Would you like to use your theoretical tools in a practical context and at the same time develop new skills to bring with you in your career?

Do you want to dive into tasks that will bring your professional strengths and your interests into focus?

Then EG is the workplace for you.

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Meet two Student Assistants

  • Stine Tindahl Thomasen
  • Simon Lehmann Knudsen

By nature, I am very service-minded. Therefore, I find assignments that involve our customers/users especially exciting, and I have been allowed to work with this from the beginning. EG has always tried to meet my interests and has prepared me well to get started with my career. Stine Tindahl Thomasen, Student Assistant, EG Kommuneinformation


How have you been able to use the tools acquired during your studies in practise?

The match between my studies and the work assignments at EG has been really great. For example, I have learned to prepare requirement specifications for products, and I have subsequently been able to use this directly in my work.


How have you developed after starting as a student assistant at EG Kommuneinformation?

When I first started, I only had theoretical knowledge of agile working methods. This has indeed changed because at EG Kommuneinformation, we focus very much on taking an agile approach to our work processes. This means that I have learned to work across teams, among other things. I have learned to be adaptable and ensure good communication, which I also personally find very important.


What is great about EG as a workplace?

The best thing about working at EG is definitely the culture and the way we work together in different teams where knowledge sharing and common objectives are key. There is a strong team spirit, and at the same time, there is room to concentrate on individual assignments. I have been given increasingly more responsibility over time; among other things, I have taken the initiative to perform user tests of our solutions. I have also been in charge of presentations of products for releases, and I have been allowed to participate in new joint assignments with customers and stakeholders.


If you were to recommend a student job at EG to others, what would be your most important message?

In my perspective, the most important message is that you are sure to be challenged professionally. You will be plunged into new exciting work assignments, and you will get some insanely great and competent colleagues. All in all, the professionalism is high at EG, which is why you can always find help somewhere in the organisation. At the same time, the company focuses on your learning, your professional strengths and your interests.


Stine Tindahl Thomasen

At EG, teamwork is an important part of the working day. It has made me a better developer, because I have gained practical experience in programming and in understanding other developers' code. Simon Lehmann Knudsen, Student Assistant, Product Development


Why did you apply for a student job at EG?

I had heard positive about EG as a workplace from a fellow student at Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. I needed work experience; therefore, I took the chance and sent an application. Now, I have worked 7 months as a student assistant, and I have never regretted it. Studying computer science gives a broad knowledge of various topics, and part of the studies are aimed at research into programming. At EG, I can use this knowledge in a practical context while also learning new skills that I can use in my studies.


What does your department do well in terms of employing a student assistant?

My colleagues show patience and understand that I still have a lot to learn; for example, they give me space to concentrate on a task and solve any issues related to it. To me personally, this produces better learning results. I appreciate that my opinion is very much valued just like that of my colleagues – it is great to feel that I can also contribute something, even if I am still new in my field. EG is of the clear opinion that studies come first. This means that when I am under pressure before my exams, it is fully acceptable that I work less during this period. This flexibility works perfectly for me as a student.


How would you describe EG as a workplace?

I look forward to coming to work at EG every time. It is a fantastic workplace where people deliver projects of high quality, and it is super great being part of this. Development and teamwork suit me really well. I have become a much better developer through my student job, and I can only recommend you to apply for a job at EG.


Simon Lehmann Knudsen