Legal Information

On this page you will find legal information on EG's Services and business, including terms for third party, our compliance programs, certifications and other relevant terms. If you have any questions or need for clarifications on legal issues when doing business with EG or our subsidiaries, please contact us for further information.

Legal information

Legal Information


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Below is listed the terms and conditions applicable to EG’s services and subject to which these are delivered, unless otherwise expressly agreed. These are divided into shared terms and conditions and product specific terms and con-ditions.

  • Shared terms and conditions apply and govern all services.
  • Service specific terms and conditions govern only the products indicated for each set of terms and conditions.

Certain services and deliverables will be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party providing such services and deliverables. These terms and conditions will apply regardless of whether such services and deliverables are provided on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated part of EG’s services and deliverables.

Read EG's terms of Conditions in Danish (pdf)
Read EG's terms of Conditions in English (pdf)


Data processing agreements

Overview economy

Third party terms and technical requirements

Third party terms and technical requirements

Below is listed EG's Terms for third party applicable to EG's services and subject to which these are delivered.

The use of the services and deliverables may be subject to other legal terms including specific technical requirements. Such requirements may vary depending on the service and deliverable.

EG will continuously use reasonable efforts to update links, but if a link should be inactive or not updates, please be sure to contact EG immediately in order to ensure access to applicable terms; EG take no responsibility to update or review any third-party websites referenced content and does not warrant its accuracy or completeness.

Third party terms and technical requirements - products and solutions

Altiplan (pdf)

LUDUS Suite (pdf)

Hairtools (pdf)

EG SmartKalk (pdf)

EG Clinea (pdf)

EG ClinicCare (pdf)

EG Dental (pdf)

EG WinPLC (pdf)