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Municipality of Sodankylä

The municipality is investing genuinely in energy efficiency

“When the temperatures drop down to minus 30-40 Celsius degrees for a longer period, it has a significant effect on the energy consumption. The heating can take up surprisingly high amount of energy".


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City of Lahti

Efficiency and continuous improvement

The real estate portfolio of Lahti totals approximately 520,000 square meters as public buildings used for business premises. In addition to property maintenance, Lahti has several dozen constructions projects every year. The investment level remains at around 40 million euros annually.

Large property masses require a lot of upkeeping and consume notable amounts of energy. In Lahti sustainability has been incorporated as a part of the city’s strategy.


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City of Kemi

The city of Kemi as a pioneer in energy efficiency

The annual energy consumption of the city of Kemi is 44 GWh. This means an invoice of more than 3.3 million euros for the residents. Reducing the consumption by 7% would reduce costs by approximately 230,000 €.

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